Sunday, November 13, 2011

Freedom and the Bill of Rights

As any lawyer will probably tell you "A right not exercised is a right not realized."

I say this because I hear a lot of folks on the "right of center" blogs and forums talk about the Occupy movement.  I have issues with some of the things written on these forums mostly because these folks do not understand the implications of their statements.
     Freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble is protected by those who say and do things we do not agree with.  So when I read people writing things like "I want to see a cop crack the skulls of those occupussies."  I think how sad for you that you do not believe in freedom of speech, just because you don't agree with what someone says or how they say it does not mean that the person(s) saying it should have their rights to speech or peaceful assembly taken from them.  No one deserves to have their head bashed in because of what they say or because they are peacefully assembling at a time when our "elected representatives" would prefer silence.  Who cares what our elected officials want?  Our elected officials should be in office to serve the people, but instead they serve the wealthy and the corporations who gave them money.  For without that money they could not have competed with the other guy who had wealthy backers and other corporate sponsors.  One need only look to what our "elected officials" have done to really understand that they care only for the money that puts them on the seat of power.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I believe and think that most people belive

Well let's see I believe that the "party" on the right and the "party" on the left should shut up. These extremely loud shrewish people make my head hurt. Most people in this country believe in the freedom of choice.
We don't believe in gun control or "outlawing" guns.
We believe in capital punishment.
We believe in the right of the individual to choose. Seriously who thinks a person who would choose an abortion as birth control or because the child will ruin the parents life style would make a good parent?
We believe that the banks and industries that made bad choices should go under why should we the tax payer reward them for greed and short sighted decision making.
The government exists to ensure a level playing field, not that the government exists to help large wealthy contributors and corporations continue to steal from the populace.
In short I think most of us believe in our own ability to choose for ourselves and that the choice mad should have consequences good or bad.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stupid People, Marriage is for everyone

I simply don't understand why the "Moral" minority is so concerned with "Gay Marriage" if gays and lesbians want in on the social contract of marriage let them in. Seriously. The church does not have to perform the ceremony, the church does not have to recognize the ceremony, the ceremony has NO religious standing or signifigance. So why on earth do the "Christians" feel they need to protect marriage? This is a social contract where gays and lesbians get to share all the lovely down sides of being married. They get higher taxes, when they divorce lawyers now have to get involved and they get to split their property, They get all of the upsides as well.... Please tell me again what are the upsides of marriage? OHH yeah inheritance and social security OOOPS Social security wont be around to much longer and inheritance well that's easily covered with a decent lawyer and you don't have inheritance tax issues.
So let's look at the upside of this to us the tax payer, well men usually make more money than women so we get a lot of couples who are at the ATM limit or above. We get a lot more couples who have dual incomes that would individually put them in the middle class bracket who are now "married filing Jointly" which means thay pay more in taxes. The Lesbians, females, are also fairly well off most of the gay people I know tend to land solidly in the middle class income on their own. So what we get is a lot more dual income families with no kids and only one house paying taxes like the rest of the married people. As an aside I am not gay nor am I married because once we looked at the tax implications we said no thank you. Why on earth would I get married just to pay more taxes, that sounds silly to me. But hey it works for some people, they think marriage is what they want. And I say let them have the social contract of marriage. This saying that Gays and Lesbians don't deserve the social contract and recognition of marriage is right. Gays and Lesbians have it tough enough putting up with bigoted assholes. What on earth did Gays and Lesbians ever due to deserve the screwing the social contract of mariage gives?
And this concludes my rant on gay marriage Next up "moral" right and